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Melbourne 1910, the Edwardian era. An era of change. We saw a new, fresh approach to design. Gone was the dark, clutter and fuss of Victorian times. This new era was light, simple, elegant and refined. The Edwardians enjoyed state of the art technology, with electric lighting and modern plumbing etc, while still coveting beautiful furnishings and exquisitely tailored details.

At this time the Titanic - a style icon - was being built in Belfast, the Manhattan bridge was being engineered in New York, King Edward VII was King... 

...and a small country house called "Linga-Longa" was being built in Sassafras, in Melbourne's Dandenong Ranges.

Originally a holiday home built for the Stricklands, an established Melbourne family, the house in the main street of Sassafras was immaculate and a haven from hectic city life. After the house was built the family created an impressive garden on the land next door. The Stricklands owned the property for over 70 years, handing it down through generations. Then, as it passed through several owners, (with the house itself being converted to a bed and breakfast for a while in the 1980's) the garden was sold and the house became time worn and sadly neglected.

In July 2006, Melbourne interior designer Justin Bishop purchased "Linga-Longa". Instantly drawn to the property's charm, he and his partner Guy restored the house and garden to their original condition.  Influenced by Justin's design gurus - 17th century Scottish design brothers John and Robert Adam and American president and architect Thomas Jefferson, and with an obvious salute to authentic Australian country style, the house was immaculate once again. The unique property has since appeared in several leading Australian publications including, "House & Garden", "Country Style" and "The Melbourne Age" newspaper. Filled with a selection of vintage furniture and collectables, the house has become a showcase for Justin's classic signature style. 

From here,  The Blackwood Guest Residence was created, in a completely separate and private location on the property.

Taking design direction from the main house "The Blackwood" is elegant and sophisticated with up to the minute technology hidden within its walls. It has the look of a London or a New York apartment from the Edwardian era, and could pass as being built with the house in 1910. There is perhaps a gentleman who lives there, his top hat and cane are on the coat stand, his books are by the fire and his whiskey is in a cut glass decanter on the elegant sideboard. He is passionate about traditional, hand-tailored style but he enjoys the luxuries of the modern world.

The Blackwood Sassafras is styled on this concept, ABSOLUTE traditional style combined with state of the art technology to create an exclusive retreat for your enjoyment.