Local Favorites: The Piggery Cafe at Burnham Beaches


"Phase #1 of Operation Burnham Beeches headed up by Vue de monde chef, restaurateur and director Shannon Bennett along with business partner Adam Garrisson is now complete. The state-of-the-art Burnham Bakery and the adjoining Piggery Café are both in full swing and baking enchanting in-house breads and pastries. Our crack bakery team are also supplying several other big-name restaurants including Rockpool and Bistro Guillaume, plus all other Vue Group outlets.

The Piggery Café, managed by English lass Emma Lloyd and Frenchman Max Peyrard (former Bistro Vue bar manager), has been designed in a warm and rustic manner with touches of modernity. In time, Australia’s longest chicken run will be built at Burnham Beeches plus a 16-cow automated dairy, along with the steakhouse, microbrewery and piece de resistance, the European-style food/hospitality/residential hub that aims to be Australia’s first six-star luxury retreat.

Outside a slew of tables lay under heating strobes looking out to lawn bowls, croquet and bocce pitches. Look even further across the 23-hectare estate and into the distance and you’ll spot the 500-tree trufferie, extensive vegetable gardens (now providing organic produce for Vue de monde and assorted Vue Group restaurants) and an emu enclosure with the grand ambition of sourcing the eggs to use in the Piggery Café dishes.

We will succeed in making Burnham Beeches the world’s first complete gourmet retreat that is harnessed by nature and complemented by human understanding. A deep compassion and respect for the environment that surrounds us is key in driving the Burnham Beeches vision.

Here at Burnham Beeches no chemicals or harmful farming practices are used across any inch of the deluxe property grounds. We want our small, engaging parcel of 66 acres to provide us with as much a story as it does food.

Think of it as sustenance for the mind and soul."

Words from www.piggerycafe.com.au

Piggery Cafe Burnham Beeches

1 Sherbrooke Rd, Sherbrooke VIC 3789 ‎
(03) 9021 2100

Opening Hours: 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday.

No reservation or booking